Why Lease

Preserve Cash.
In a growing business, maintaining adequate levels of working capital is critical. Leasing provides capital for equipment so that cash can be used for daily operating needs.


Equipment costs up to $75,000 can be approved in minutes with only an application. No financial statements; no need to visit your bank’s branch office; no long wait.

Tax Benefits.
Depending on the structure of the lease and your company’s tax position, you can deduct the full monthly lease payment against taxable income. A lease does not contribute to AMT exposure. Always consult your tax professional.

100% Fixed rate financing.
Banks generally require a down payment and compel you to open a checking account and maintain a balance. Commercial bank loans are also generally priced over the Prime Rate, which can fluctuate over the terms of the loan. With us, there is a fixed rate.

Available Capital for Small and Young Businesses.
Leasing provides the majority of capital for small and growing businesses in the United States for equipment needs. It also helps you develop the commercial credit history you want as your capital needs expand.

Terms can range from 12 to 60 months for transactions up to $250,000. Certain soft costs such as installation and initial supplies can be included as part of the lease. Purchase options at the end of the lease can be structured to meet your individual requirements.

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